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I find beauty, craftsmanship, and nostalgia in what is vintage. It doesn't have to be valuable to be treasured. I love old textiles and collect vintage ribbons, and heirloom bits, and often go on ventures to seek them out. I love to add that special, unforgettable touch to my bouquets- whether selecting flowers for old-fashioned fragrance or embellishing with an heirloom brooch, I believe that a little bit of vintage charm complements any wedding.  


I can't say that I've traveled the world over and have studied under the masters. However, I am intrigued by flowers, love design, and do it joyfully. I have created a lovely little space- a home studio, where I create and entangle myself in the wonderful world of flowers.

what is your background?

Why vintage?

Jen sosa

Where do you find inspiration?


I love to see beauty in unexpected places. God is my rock. Faith grows my roots and my wings. I love learning- and love books, and lovely strings of words. I love to bake and cook from scratch and from the garden. I root for the underdog. I love nature and revere God's glory. I love old school romance, vintage glamour, and classic films. I am in love with love and cats. I cherish time with my family and precious ones. This is what feeds my soul.